Executive Director of the Arab Network, Mr. Sultan Bin Hassan Al Jamali met with network partners in the framework to strengthen cooperation

On the sidelines of the meetings of the General Assembly of the Arab Network, the General Administration of the Network represented by the Executive Director, Mr. Sultan bin Hassan Al-Jamali, met with Ms. Marta Vallejo, from the UNDP. The two sides discussed cooperation frameworks for the implementation of several activities with the Network In the field of the promotion and protection of human rights in the Arab world. The two sides discussed their plan of action to strengthen the capacity of the NHRI of Djibouti to develop internal regulations to regulate the work of the institution and strengthen the capacities of its employees to prepare reports of various kinds. The two sides also agreed to organize a regional workshop on sustainable development goals and the 2030 agenda on sustainable development goals. It was also agreed to hold a high-level round table to develop a handbook on the role of national institutions in monitoring and training elections, Ms. Marta confirmed that the UNDP will contribute to the financing of these projects in cooperation with the Arab Network.
In the framework of networking between the network and its partners, the Executive Director met with Mr. George Abu Al Zulf, Director of the United Nations Center for Training and Documentation. The two sides agreed that OHCHR shall participate in supporting the programs of the network and the UNDP by providing them with the appropriate experts. OHCHR expressed its interest in participating in the Sustainable Development Workshop, and it was agreed to organize a training course to raise the capacity of institutions in the area of complaints handling.
The Executive Director of ANNHRI also met with the Executive Director of the African Network of National Human Rights Institutions, Mr. Gilbert Sebihogo, and discussed the cooperation frameworks and coordination of efforts to support the member institutions of both networks and agreed to cooperate to support the two institutions in the Comoros and Djibouti, and that the Arab Network to attend the meeting of the African Network next month, in order to introduce the members of the network and find new frameworks and ideas for cooperation to raise the level of coordination between the two networks.
In the same context, the General Administration of the Network discussed with Mrs. Katrina Rose, representative of the Global Alliance of National Human Rights Institutions, on the ways and means of support that the Global Alliance of National Institutions can provide. The Global Alliance expressed its readiness to support the network and assist the network to network with other institutions in the world to share best practices and experiences.
The National Institutions Section of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Geneva expressed its full readiness to provide adequate assistance to the network through supporting its programs, and facilitating the accreditation of national institutions by the sub-committee on accreditation of the Global Alliance.
The Executive Director also discussed with the Head of the Secretariat of the Arab Human Rights Committee (the Charter Committee) the activation of the cooperation and discussed the activities to be implemented In 2018 in cooperation between the two sides, and agreed to issue joint publications that would enrich the Library of Human Rights.
The General administration of the Network also discussed the areas and prospects for cooperation between the Arab Network and Penal Reform International Organization, with Mrs. Taghreed Jaber, MENA Regional Director, Penal Reform International, and the two sides agreed on the importance of cooperation. Ms. Jabr expressed the readiness of Penal Reform International to support the programs of the Network in enhancing the capacity of its member institutions in this field and welcomed the proposal of the General administration of the Network to cooperate in training reform and prison institutions in Djibouti on the standards of places of detention according to the Nelson Mandela rules and Bangkok Standards. They also agreed to provide the Arab Network with the experts of the organization in the activities of the network for 2018, which may include themes that deal with criminal justice to raise the capacity of institutions in this area.
In the context of the opening new Prospects for Cooperation, the Executive Director of the Network met with Mr. Muayad Mehyar, the International Advisor to the United Nations Population Fund in the Arab Region, and discussed the proposal to organize a joint conference on population health in the Arab region and the role of national institutions in this regard.